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JT TechnoSoft Inc. is a leading business and product promoting solution provider based in Canada.

Be it a brand promotion to consumer interaction, consumer-centric interactive product promotion, local business to wider promotion, social connection to local recommendation, JT TechnoSoft has a unique approach for better solution.

Our reach-wider promote-better solutions include click-n-view promotion channel, interactive promotion and consumer opinion tracking platform, reach-wider grow-bigger worldwide local business directory, and connect-with-neighbours social network.

'Respect user privacy' is our core policy. With no compromise to user (data) privacy, our elegant, image oriented web based solutions reach a wider audience.


Our consumer centric, interactive, product promoting solutions are designed with a wider marketing strategy to reach wider customer base and return higher business value.

Visiting from across the street, city, country or somewhere, today's modern mobile consumer is drawn to a local business in a better manner. With an excellent list of business pages, BizyGlobe.com is a spin-n-find worldwide local business directory for local business listings, promotions, customer reviews, ratings and more. Watch how.

Be it a trendy design of fashion product, a quality feature of household item, an eye-catching product label or an attractive feature of electronic gadget, PowerPik.com helps brand companies to connect with consumers for their consumer-centric product opinions in an interactive, elegant image oriented fashion.

Privacy-first neighbourhood social network. With utmost respect to user privacy and security, meNeighbour is an excellent family-friendly ad-free social network for every one. Neighbour-friendly social connections, personal or business networking groups, socializing events, community updates, local business/service listings, help-wanted signs and more. A private and secure social network with a special social space for children. Watch how.

An interactive brand and product promotion channel. Without an invasion of user privacy or unsolicited email, the click-n-view promotion channel lets users browse local and regional promotions, follow a brand for further promotions and enquire about a product at a few clicks of user interest.

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Consumer-centric Power Opinion, Power Pick

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